Large Target Capture Sequencing

CATCH-Seq target enrichment technology from Ubiquity Genomics is a proprietary technology that leverages genomic clones to generate probes corresponding to large, contiguous blocks of a genome. &npsp;This is particularly useful when your research calls for sequencing coding and non-coding regions of a gene, including introns and flanking sequences.  Sequencing large target regions including introns make it ideal for identification of structural variants and CNV’s.

CATCH-Seq target enrichment kits are also ideal for studies of DNA methylation, by performing targeted bisulfite sequencing after the target enrichment steps.  CATCH-Seq target enrichment technology is compatible with any NGS library or platform.  Best of all, since CATCH-Seq technology requires no oligonucleotide design and production costs, custom capture reagents are available at a fraction of the cost of other target enrichment methods.


CATCH-Seq technology provides the following advantages:

  Large target regions:
CATCH-Seq capture probes can cover several hundred kilobases to several megabases of contiguous sequence and can cover exons, introns, 5’ regulatory regions, 3’ regulatory regions, and flanking regions.
  Greater specificity with longer probes (200-300bp)
  Better coverage of the targeted region including repeats
  Significantly lower cost than oligo-based probes
  Faster turnaround time
  Multiplexed capture of samples reduces costs

Publications using CATCH-Seq:

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CATCH-Seq target enrichment kits enable the capture and sequencing of large genomic targets.  The comprehensive coverage of CATCH-Seq also enables the detection of structural variants and CNVs.