Complete Sequencing Services

Take advantage of our expertise with all NGS assays

Ubiquity Genomics offers next-generation sequencing tools that can be used in any well-equipped research lab.  However, we also offer a full range of genomic services to our customers who prefer complete sample-to-data service. ¬†Our expertise with the CATCH-Seq process and our automation of many of the steps in the CATCH-Seq protocol lead to a rapid turnaound time for your project.  We have experience with projects large and small, human and non-human, so whatever your project needs, Ubiquity Genomics can supply you with high quality sequencing services.  In many cases, we can deliver better data in less time than a local core facility.

We also have capacity for any NGS assay, including WGS and RNA-seq, if your project needs extend beyond our core targeted sequencing platform.  We can also provide sequencing services for oligo-based capture sequencing, if you are only interested in coding regions or other small targets that are not appropriate for CATCH-Seq.  Please contact us for information about how we can help with your project.


Services we offer:

  Library construction and QC
  CATCH-Seq target enrichment
  Oligo-based target enrichment
  Other NGS Assays, including RNA-seq
  Next-generation sequencing at any scale

CATCH-Seq sample requirements and output specs

DNA requirement500 ng
On-target Rate70-80%
PCR Duplication Rate <5%
Mean Coverage80-100X+
Total Bases Covered >85%

Check the Project Calculator to estimate costs for your project, or email to get a quote.

Data Analysis Services

We offer complete informatics and analysis services to help with your NGS projects

Ubiquity Genomics offers informatics support for any projects run through our lab.  In addition, we can provide informatics and analytical services to support your projects, even if we don't generate the data. If you have NGS data with a need for specific analytical tools, we can provide informatics support at a reasonable cost.  Please contact us for information about how we can help with your project.